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Reflections From a Carpenter’s Angle

Show Off

My classmate recently said to me that when he sees the leaves on the trees change it is nature's way of showing off.  I said it makes me think that they are on fire and that it is a warning to us that one day everything in the heavens and on earth will come to an end in the time of the apocalypse.  It was sad to read about the fires in California that have taken so many lives.  People were trapped in their cars where their remains were found.  The place was called Paradise but a careless campfire turned it quickly into hell.  In this month of All Souls we must remember these 29 victims and their families in our prayers.

Jesus tells that the Heaven and earth will pass away, but his words will never pass away.  That is why the Eucharist is so important to us.  We know that as the Church comes to the end of the Liturgical calendar we are looking forward to the end of time and the return of Jesus Christ.  So we unite ourselves to the Word Made Flesh in the Sacrament of his Body and Blood.

Saint Joseph foster our love for Jesus,

Father Sodano 

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